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Scooter, Quad and Bicycle Rentals in Kos Island

It is our philosophy to give you the motorcycle that you want. Unlike some other motorcycle rental agencies we do not double book or overbook our motorcycle rentals and we don’t bump anybody.

However, because of this philosophy, we have a strictly enforced cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation at the last minute, it is very likely that we will not be able to rent your motorcycle. In fact, we have probably turned people away to hold this motorcycle for you. Because we take such great precautions to make sure that none of our renters are disappointed (and our track record in this regard is extremely good), we also expect you not to disappoint us and violate our cancellation policy. We will apply cancellation fees if you do.

We will never send out a motorcycle that is mechanically unsafe – SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! If for some reason, the motorcycle model you have requested suddenly becomes unavailable for safety reasons, we will notify you immediately and give you the option of switching to another motorcycle (this may require us giving you an upgrade at no additional cost, but we will never downgrade you) or canceling with no charge, and we will even assist you in finding another rental agency that does have the bike you wanted.


Renting a motorcycle is not to different from renting a car. However, since riding a motorcycle is a more specialized skill than driving, there are some extra considerations:

  • Only experienced drivers 23 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license reflecting a certain maturity that goes with the responsibility of renting a motorcycle are allowed to rent a vehicle. In fact, our service staff will observe to make sure that a renter can comfortably handle his or her rental motorcycle around our parking area before giving the final OK to ride the bike away. Motorcycles or quads driven by inexperienced people can cause a heavy injury or even death.
  • Non european citizens are obliged to carry an International drivers license in order to proceed to a rental.
  • Class B1 driving license is required in order to proceed to a 50cc scooter rental (depending on the internal traffic regulations of the European country where the driver’s license was issued)
  • Class A1 driving license is required in order to proceed to an over 100cc motorbike rental.
  • Quads can be driven with a Class A1 or B1 drivers license.
  • Absence of an authentic drivers license will result in no rental.

Terms of rentals:

We take pride on having a straightforward rental process, but as with any business transaction, there is paperwork. Our motorcycle rental agreement is just one page and written in plain English, German, Italian, French or Russian and at the time you arrive to pick up your rental motorcycle, one of our staff will go over the contract with you carefully and thoroughly. There is no fine print to mislead you.

We assure that there are no hidden fees, or extra insurance costs.

The minimum period of renting a vehicle is one day. The vehicle should be returned at the exact date and time as mentioned in the contract and in the exact condition as it was when rented. Gasoline consumption is the renters responsibility. All taxes are included in the price agreed. After the contract is signed, helmets will be provided and must be worn by law. All fines and penalties as mentioned in the Greek traffic law & regulations will be paid by the renter. If these fines are ignored they will be submitted to the European Union Court of Law. In order to visit one or more of the surrounding islands a written authorization of Motorplan must be accompanied by the rental contract.


The vehicle can only be used on asphalt. Going onto the beach, off road riding, or on rocky areas with our vehicle is forbidden. In such cases all damages will be paid by the renter. In addition, our company reserves the right to not refund you your security deposit. Only the experienced driver who has signed the contract is allowed to drive our vehicle. The second passenger is not allowed to operate the vehicle by law, by our insurance company, and by our company’s policy. Any damages caused by the second passenger or by any other non-authorized person, will be paid by the renter. We are a rental company and not a driving school. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law. It is forbidden to have a third passenger on any of our vehicles.

Insurance policy:

In motorcycle rentals, there are only two insurance packages:

  • Basic Insurance Package: The renter of our motorcycles is covered only if a traffic accident occurs and it is the third parties fault. In any other case the renter is responsible to cover any damage expenses.
  • Full Insurance Package: This covers damages when a traffic accident has occurred on the street and another vehicle is involved. It does not cover damages caused by the drivers own fault or if the driver misuses the vehicle in any way (ex. Drifting, racing etc). Full insurance does not cover damages caused by off road use, driving on the beach, or rocky areas. In such cases we reserve the right to a non-refundable deposit. All damages done by driving off-road will be paid by the renter. Any damages done by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be paid by the renter. Any damages done with a third passenger being seated on any of our motorcycles will be paid by the renter. Insurance companies don’t cover the expenses of lost keys.

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